About Us

Soothing LifeStyle is an independent blog site with one key purpose, to dig up the best floorings used in making a home from every corner of the internet. We focus our efforts to give you only the very best of the products related to home flooring, with special attention to the quality of the product and honest reviews for it.

Founded in 2017 by Jeffrey Bergan, Soothing Life Style has come a long way from where it started. At first, this project was a result of Roy’s passion for building homes, which soared to new heights when he started working on a cottage in Los Angeles. This was when he had to do a lot of research about various items he didn’t know existed and used while making a house. He researched the material used in home-related items. Not only that, but he also did research on what comes after building a house, how to take care of the house, and how to enjoy the house build in the way possible. His vast experience, knowledge, and research will be of great help to everyone out there who is going through the same process as Roy did when he was building his house.

There is a lot to learn about different types of flooring, the vacuum for that flooring, the best shoes to wear on a particular type of flooring, what cutters to use to cut a specific type of flooring, and much much more. It is a vast world, and making the right decision about your house’s flooring can be challenging if you have to know idea what would be the best for your house. Decoration and your personal preference are not the only criteria that decide which flooring is the best for your house. It also depends on the climate of the location of the house; whether it is humid, hot, near the sea, in the area that receives more rain, if you have pets, what kind of pets do you have, and a lot more. Making the right decision when you have to consider so many things might seem daunting at first, but as you keep on narrowing down the category according to your needs and lifestyle, it becomes a lot easier. Soothing Life Style is an effort to help you make that decision easier. 

We extend our guide from the types of floorings and their benefits to how to take care of the flooring and about what goes best on the specific type of flooring and whatnot. We guide you through which vacuum, mopper, or steamer to use on your particular type of flooring, what kind of shoes or slippers to wear on the specific flooring on the specific flooring type, which tools to use for repairing and maintaining your flooring, etc. We include guidance about pretty much everything about flooring.

Soothing Life Style is a product review website that is focused on helping the readers make the best purchase. We list down the top-notch products in the categories after extensive research. We have a dedicated team that analyses and researches the product inside out to provide you with an unbiased review so that you make an informed decision for your living place. We have first-hand experience with many of the products listed here, but for some, we do enough research and talk to the people who have used the product concerned about their experience with it so that you get the best product out there. We inform you about the added benefits and advantages along with their downsides and cons of every product. 

Our recommended products are completely objective. We do not get any compensation from the manufacturers of the products or vendors promising to them to include in our articles. However, some of the links on this website are our affiliate links.